Oman’s Annual Cancer Walk Sees Increased Public Participation

The Oman National Association for Cancer Awareness (NACA), an organization focused on helping Omanis fighting cancer and helping the families of victims, have hosted their 9th Annual Walkathon for Cancer Victims and Patients at Midan Al Fateh Wednesday. The purpose of the walks, according to NACA President Yuthar Al Rawahy, was to remember those who lost the fight with cancer, celebrate those who survived and help those who are still fighting.

The event, themed as “Beat Your Feet for Cancer Defeat”, had seen over 4,000 participants. Walkers are treated to entertainment, games, food and drinks that were under the healthy preferences of the NACA. Raffles saw the give-away of prizes to many participants in the 3-km walk.

The guest of honor for the event was H.H. Faisal Turki al-Said. CEO’s of many companies, government and local dignitaries as well as schools and families have joined the walk.

The funds received by the event will be donated to charity groups and hospitals of cancer patients as well as the families of those who lost their loved ones to the aforementioned disease.

The NACA started its first walk in the year 2004, which only had 120 people. Throughout the years, the public attention to the walk increased with the help of the board, staff and volunteers who had raised awareness and the cause of the said walk.

Source:  Times of Oman

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Reclaiming PPI: The First Few Steps

PPI claims are now common practice among UK folk given the amount of compensation they can receive is quite massive. Recent news states that millions have filed and collected their payment protection compensation from their respective UK banks and it’s high time you do the same. Here are a few things that could help you begin.

1. Your Financing

If your financing is still active and you instantly saw an insurance payment that you are required to make per month, try to question your bank about the item. If you received the item as a part of a package deal for your financing or credit card, you then have the legal right to refuse having the payment protection bonus.

2. Financial Advisers

Your financial adviser is the first person you should ask about the insurance since it was them who told you to get the insurance in the first place. Verify with them if the insurance was a requirement or part of the package itself. Usually, lenders pay for the first year of the insurance, then the consecutive years, the responsibility rests on you as it is contractually assigned to you without you knowing that it is. Financial advisers are also known to chase bonuses, given the banking incentives systems in the UK, selling high-rated products like PPI motivate them to earn more in profit.

3. Collect Evidence

The first thing you should do is to collect evidence. Have at least your recent repayment of the insurance along with your financing. Ask your bank about the contracts and forms that were signed by your financial adviser on your behalf. These evidences will work to help you reclaim the refunds you deserve.

4. Call a Claims Management Company

You’ll need help from people with experience and knowledge especially if dealing with multiple PPI reclaim. Have a claims management company brief you on the legalities and limitations that your claim has. Most claims management companies can offer you claims services virtually free so you can save yourself the time and hassle of doing such.

Intellectual Property Rights to Help Innovation in the Country

The Sultanate’s Representative to the UN and International Organizations in Geneva, Abdullah bin Nasser Al Rhabbi, stated that the Oman Sultanate has begun developing the National Strategy for Innovation and Intellectual Property. The project’s aim was to benefit and focus on developing the concepts of innovation and intellectual property in general education curricula. It will also provide adequate protection for the ideas and concepts that would sprout thereof.

The representative stated that he welcomes the support of developing countries to help build the drafting and preparation of the national strategies. He called on the General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization to help the cause, especially in training and industrial applications.

Al Rhabbi pointed out that the Sultanate’s government intends to have the cooperation of the WIPO. Their MoU focuses on building capacities in the field of human resources development, added research and education in the field of Intellectual Property. The sultanate also thanks the WIPO and the Arab countries who remain supportive of their efforts to improve innovation and intellectual property in Oman.

The sultanate is scheduled to be represented in the Public Authority for Craft Industries and the World Crafts Council in India scheduled from Oct 7 to 10. Their participation comes with the initiative to protect the traditional craft industries of their country and promoting the mechanisms and education of the crafts. The initiative also comes to promote the skills of craftsmen and increase demand on the local Omani craft industry.

Source: Times of Oman

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Mis Sold Payment Protection Insurance Claims: What You Actually Lost

It was reported by the Financial Ombudsman Service that they are receiving thousands of claims a day for mis sold payment protection insurance claims. From January to June, payment protection insurance claims counts have reached 2.2 million in total. Both Lloyds and Barclays have received over 400,000 claims in the previous six months. In the last month, Lloyds received over 20,000 claims. Barclays received over 19,000.

You have the right to make a payment protection insurance claim. You were actually sold by your financial adviser an insurance policy that did not benefit you because it excluded certain cases that never benefited you. It was not only you who was ripped off.

Recent statistics from the Financial Services Authority show that over 70% of claims coming in to the FOS are related to advise, suggestion and guidance by financial advisers. These so called “Bonus Chasers” are actually the main culprits of mis sold PPI. However, FSA managing director Martin Wheatley states that he intends to reform the banking incentives system to ensure the customers are getting a fair deal.

The numbers of PPI claims in the country, and its continuing increase, is stated by the consumer group Which? as the worst financial scandal the UK has ever seen.

FOS also reports that some banks continue to hold or reject claims from their customers. It was previously stated by the High Court that all banks are to refund their customers for mis sold PPI. If you have a PPI but you can’t make a claim because you aren’t eligible, you are to be refunded your repayments. You have actually paid tens of thousands of pounds monthly for mis sold PPI.

You can get claiming assistance from reputable claims companies such as They can provide you free consultation and claiming as well.