Oman Vs. Japan: The World Cup Games

Oman’s victory in Jordan in the last month, along with the draw they had playing against Australia and Iraq had Oman team coach Paul le Guen quite confident about the ability of his team. Their next game against Japan for the 2014 World Cup qualifying match will be played Tuesday in the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex Located in Bashaar. Paul le Guen accepts the fact that Japan is a great team, but they will use realistic strategies and their home advantages to win against their opponents.

The SQSC has seen 26,500 audience after its last game and coach le Guen expects the stadium to be filled to capacity.

Japan’s Blue Samurai has received 10 points from its previous games with four consecutive victories for the World Cup qualification match. It has never lost in is seven qualifying matches and intends to make its fifth mark on the 2014 World Cup.

In June, Oman’s Red Warriors were defeated by Japan by a score of 3-0. However, Paul le Guen says that his team is completely ready and capable of pushing back against Japan now after performing very well during its games against Australia, Iraq and Jordan.

However, both teams will take out some players from the field. Oman will have Mohammed Sheeba al Balushi and Saad Suhail al Mukhaini out of the game because of injuries and disciplinary reasons respectively. Japan also has Shinji Kagawa out of the next game.

Oman will progress ahead of Australia by a few points if they win the game and Japan would be adding to its eight point lead to qualify for the world cup should they win the game.

Source: Times of Oman

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