19 Die as Hot Air Balloon Crashes in Egypt

A lot of tourists often visit Egypt for it can offer a lot of beautiful sites including the Pyramids and the old structure of Egyptian tombs. Many of the people travel to Egypt to study its artifacts and culture. There are so many places to visit in Egypt including the city of Luxor where we can see different temples of a Pharaoh or known as the Egyptian King. One of the famous tourist attractions in the city is the hot air balloon flights. The tourist gets to ride the hot air balloon and oversee the temples of Egypt.

There was an incident that occurred last Tuesday that involves tourists from Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, France, and Britain. The said tourists were on board the hot air balloon for a trip to Egypt’s ancient city. Unfortunately, the hot air balloon caught fire before it could land. Some of the tourist passengers leaped and escape the flames but most of them did not make it. There were 20 people on the hot air balloon and 19 of them died after the hot air balloon crashed in a sugar cane field.

An ongoing investigation as to what caused the fire continued. Some of the farmer who witnessed the incident says that the passengers were on fire even if they tried to escape. The fire was all over their bodies. One victim was said to be pregnant. The bodies of the tourists were scattered in the field along with the remnants of the hot air balloon. The authorities who were there to rescue placed the remains of the victims in a bag. Some of the authorities say that it may be caused by the poor safety standard that was triggered by the unstable political system in the country.

30 Women Sworn in Shura Council

It is rare to see women taking their roles in the government. More often we see men as politicians rather than women. It was also in the history that women’s role was not as wide. In the 20th century we already see a lot of women successful with their own careers in the company or even in politics. In different countries, there are many known women who have made their names like Secretary Hillary Clinton in the United States and United Nations Ambassador Angelina Jolie. Nowadays, more women are empowered and strong enough to join politics.

In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah has already included women in the Shura Council. The conservative country has always protected their woman. Most of the women in Saudi stays in their homes and attend to the needs of their husbands and children. They are also often seen outside. The appointment of a number of 30 women in the council was come as surprising news and there were a lot criticizing the said appointment. This was one of the historical event in Saudi Arabia because never did it happen that they have included women in the council. All the seats in the Shura council were always occupied by Saudi Arabian men.

Saudi as a monarch and ruled by the King has been controversial after the announcement because the said appointment of the women in the Shura council was dishonoring the Islamic Laws. In the Laws if Islam, men are the only ones allowed of being part of the council. King Abdullah has also answered on behalf of his decision and he has made consultations with the religious scholars.

Mysterious Blast on the Turkish Customs Gate

There was recent news on suicide bombing in other countries brought about by different rebel groups that have alarmed so many people. On a Syrian border where the Turkish customs gate was located, another loud blast bombarded the area and there were dozens of people injured when the blast occurred. This incident was unexpected and it came from nowhere as described by the Turkish government. It was labeled a msytery for many who were answerable and the mastermind of the said sudden attack. The Turkish government was wondering at the same time startled for the said blast that recently occurred in the country was one of the deadliest that they have encountered.

There was a video captured when the bast happened and on it can be seen the people scattered and moving around so fast. There were cars burned and totally wrecked, people were injured and some of the ambulance was also burned on the site of the incident. There were people passing by the area who helped the injured men. The explosion was not an ordinary explosion for it was heard even two kilometers away from the border.

The chaos happening in Syria has affected the Turkish government and its people. The Syrian rebels also tried to destroy the Syrian border gate to get rid of the Syrian forces. Although the Turkish government has admitted that they were allowing some of the vehicles to enter their border gate going to Syria. They have not yet detailed the main cause of the said dangerous blast. The war has not yet ended in Syria and this on going war has already caused the death of some Turkish people.

Egypt’s Pope Tawadros II Criticism on Islamists

There has always been a conflict when it comes to talks about religion. It is somehow a common topic in the world. Everyone is entitled to choose their religion but there is always that tendency where a certain religion would be criticized. Religion has been a very sensitive topic especially for the people in the Middle East. Most of the misunderstandings that happen in different cities could somehow boil down to the clashing of different beliefs and religions. There is reason why dialogues are held to somehow talk about the religious differences.

In Egypt, there has been an ongoing tension on security because of the country’s leadership that has been tied to Islam. Not all of the residents in the country have Islam as their religion but most of the population is under an Islamist type of leadership. There are also a group of Christians in some of the communities in Egypt. Since Egypt is ruled by President Mohammed Morsi, who comes from an Islamic community, it is being feared the Islamist in the country would gain more power over everything in Egypt.

An interview to Pope Tawadros II from the Associated Press last Tuesday detailed how the Pope described the leadership of the country’s top leader and a criticism that was divulge during the interview. The Pope has addressed how a lot of the Christians fear the predicted rise of power and including how their complaints are not easily addressed. He also did not believe that dialogues between the Egyptian Christian and Muslim leaders would do any good.