Reinstatement of Egypt’s top Prosecutor

A judicial battle was made known in Egypt due to the removal of a prosecutor which angered the judges in the court. The decision of President Morsi was described to be an attack of authority. The President was accused of getting power. A decree was made to grant him new powers. This decree had taken away the judicial powers. A lot of people in Egypt was angered and made a protest regarding the decree and the President’s hunger for power.

President Morci already had a series of problems when he started last 2012 after the incident that occurred in Egypt that ousted former Egyptian President Mubarak. Problems like the protests on pro-reforms and the issue regarding the judiciary. In addition, there were violence in the early days in January of this year after death sentence was imposed in Egypt. It was reported that the political growth has been so slow in Egypt. A report that was released by the news Agency in Egypt says that the President is now in Qatar to join the Arab League.

An Egyptian court has already cancelled the decision of the President to have a new Prosecutor General in the name of Talat Ibahim. When President Morsi removed Mr. Mahmoud, the judges were angered and they have ordered the reinstatement of the top prosecutor in Egypt. The incident in the judiciary has been going on for quite sometime. It was also reported that when the verdict of the appeal court is overturned, Mr. Ibrahim will be asked to resign and Mr. Mahmoud will go back to work.

Regional Leaders Criticized by Jordan’s King Abdullah

The King of Jordan has bombarded the President of Egypt with criticisms during an interview with the Atlantic Magazine. King Abdullah II has described the Egyptian President not to have a depth of understanding the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He added that the President was not able to look into the mess of the Palestinians for he was more focus on the Israelis.

The Jordan King was interviewed by and American Journalist and in a statement he said that the Egyptian President worries too much about the Prime Minister of Turkey because he was authoritarian. The King has also given his views about the uprising in Syria. He was pointing out that the Syrian leader did something wrong because his monarch has created a chaotic situation of wanting their leader out of the post. Most of these statements released by the King have something to do with Jordan being home to a number of three hundred thousand Syrian evacuees who were affected by the ongoing civil war in Syria. The 300,000 evacuees fled to Jordan because of the two-year conflict.

The King also said that he can’t stop the Syrian evacuees fleeing to Jordan. There is no way to turn them back and say that the border of Jordan is closed for the Syrians. King Abdullah also admitted that he offered protection and help to the Syrian President and his family. His offer was ignored and he released the exact statement given by the Syrian President saying thanks but giving the question, “Why not worry about your country more than you worry about us?”

Recent developments on the interest rate swaps

The Treasury Product Claims Specialist, Daniel Hall said that the banking industry was already clear about the issue on the interest rate swaps mis-selling. Most of UK’s big banks are now acting on some provisions regarding the problem. Different banks including Barclays already increased their material provisions to an amount of £850 Million. The RBS was also planning to increase it to an amount of £1 Billion. Mr. Hall said that the current increase could be higher if the FSA review scheme was not reduced.

Mr. Hall described the review scheme of the FSA to be very slow. The review has lasted for almost 9 months before it was able to identify the failings and have reviewed that some of the scheme weren’t used. As of the moment, Mr. Hall says that most of the affected businesses in the United Kingdom continue to struggle with the problems on interest rate swaps. It was also reported that the FSA already suggested that there is no need for the business to approach a claims management company because the process in claiming would not be complicated.

It was also mentioned that the scheme of the FSA would ensure that the banks will be able to appoint a reviewer to assess the case of the banks. The said independent reviewer is tasked to find out if mis-selling took place and be able to determine the amount of redress that is payable in the event of mis-selling. For reassurance business owners can seek help from specialist financial claims management companies such as to get their compensation.

Customers Angered about PPI claim Deadline Idea

The Financial Services Authority already considered a deadline for the PPI claims to be set spring 2014. The news regarding the deadline angered so many customers and various critics. The deadline was the idea of the British Banking Association. The association considers the deadline to be one of the moves to end the PPI claims scandal and also ease adding to UK’s problem with the financial crisis. According to BBA, it is time for the economy to improve. An expert on money and savings, Martin Lewis has stated that these banks had ten years in mis-selling the PPI so it should give their customers the same allotted time to make their claims.

The Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was a product designed by the bank for the customer’s advantage. This kind of insurance helps them pay their mortgages, credit card bills, and other loans. The PPI is indeed helpful when customers encounter sickness and accidents. It was recorded that due to the banks abusive method of selling, most of the employees would mis-sell the insurance. A customer may make his or her PPI claim by making a PPI template letter to be submitted in their respective banks.

Other critics think that the 2014 deadline for the PPI claims would be unfair to a lot of customers. The banks were known to not make enough efforts in contacting their customers on making their PPI claims. It was also reported that most of the banks failed to inform their customers about the PPI claims. Evidence regarding these claims was compiled by the Claims Standard Council Policy. Most of the evidence were substantial enough to prove that the banks have been delaying the PPI claims of their customers. For help in getting compensation for your mis-sold PPI, see