Egyptian Courts Ban Muslim Brotherhood Activities

According to experts, banning the activities of the Egyptian political party the Muslim Brotherhood will only increase the tensions between pro and anti Mohammed Morsi supporters. Egyptian courts have banned all the activities of the political group, which might threaten the presence of Islamists in the Egyptian political system.

Experts said that this was a crucial blow to the Muslim Brotherhood and both supporters and opposition to the group might view the move with conflicting interpretations. To supporters and the political group itself, experts said that they might see it as the return of their condition during the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak, who banned all the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, analysts also said that the Brotherhood also brought itself to its demise because it could have persuaded Mohammed Morsi to step down from office voluntarily, thus avoiding the great civil unrest in the country. Their hesitation to accept other social and political forces, namely in writing the Egyptian constitution that began the entire situation, had brought them to this state.

The military and state government also played a great negative role in the crisis. Ousting the president and declaring co-political party members as terrorists who threaten national security urges the people to view the Egyptian military as having their own agenda.

Egypt Military Assault Kills Several Sinai Militants

A coordinated advance by the Egyptian military had left several Sinai militants killed in the northern Sinai Peninsula. At least nine militants were killed. The Egyptian military lost two soldiers during the skirmish.

The assault is part of a military operation that would hunt down Sinai militants responsible for the attacks in the region since former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak’s deposition in 2011. According to military officials, some of the Sinai militants belong from an al-Qaeda group that intends to establish an Islamic region in Northern Sinai.

Increased activities from these militant groups continue as the Egyptian military deposed President Mohammed Morsi from office. Many Sinai locals said that armored trucks and vehicles with militant men have moved around the villages.

Military officials said that they aim to clear the region of militants. Army spokesman Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali confirmed the kill of nine militants. A great number of suspected militants were caught. Those who escaped fled into the mountainous areas in central Sinai.

In the last two months, the Egyptian military had destroyed many underground tunnels that served as the passageway of the militants, which they use as a smuggling network for resources, weapons and people.

However, many people said that the Egyptian military might also have a hidden agenda. Many anonymous residents admitted to local reporters that the military also attacked some civilians and pro-government locals.