Syrian Diplomatic Efforts Have Failed According to UN Chiefs

Five United Nations agencies have said that diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis had already failed and that the UN must focus on providing support for civilians trapped and having trouble in different parts of the country. According to them, “the war escalates in many areas. The humanitarian situation deteriorates day after day.”

UN Under-Secretary General for Emergency Relief Valerie Amos, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, Unicef Executive Director Anthony Lake, World Food Programme Executive Director Ertharin Cousin and World Health Organisation Director General Margaret Chan had signed the statement supporting the fact that humanitarian aid is more crucial now than diplomatic resolution

At least nine million Syrians are needing assistance from being trapped between crossfires from Rebels and government forces. The shifting battles had left many relief agencies limited access to provide humanitarian aid for civilian forces.

The five agencies also said that humanitarian access is often denied by all sides in the conflict. They added that “at least one million people are now in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in Aleppo alone. Other key roads are blocked by different armed forces and groups.” The road links had been cut between the city and Damascus.

There is now a total of 2.7 million refugees escaping the Syrian civil war.


Oman Parents and Schools Can Track Student Performance With CampusLIVE

Computer-based systems are available in modern schools and universities across the world. Oman is adopting its own. CampusLIVE, a software that allows students to create their own academic profile, can allow their parents and educators to access their accounts and review information regarding their academic performance to their yearly fees.

According to the general manager of the IT company who made the software, Shiv Gupta, CampusLIVE allows routine sending of updates to parents by e-mail or SMS. Parents may view their student’s education, sports and extracurricular activities using different web links.

The school may also post tips on dealing with bullies, career development and supplementary educational material for their students. Teachers may also share resources with families to help them identify the possible career their children could have. Disciplinary remarks may also reflect on the child’s profile in the network.

Private schools, such as Assafwah Private Schools, are welcoming the system and said they parents of their students have a huge interest in the development of CampusLIVE and its implementation.

As of today, 11 schools in Oman are using the system. The Oman-exclusive software will also be released with fully Arabic features and will feature effective security measures depending on the clearance of the student, parent, teacher or school official.