Arctic Sea Ice Shrunk to Lowest On Record

The arctic’s ice caps continue to melt and has shrunk to the smallest size it has since it was first recorded. U.S. scientists state that the world is now venturing into more dangerous climates as drastic changes become more intense.

The ice cap has melted to 1.32 million sq. miles in Sept 16 based on Satellite images. This prediction of measurement is seen as the lowest point of the arctic based on comparison with its other measurements from 1979. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, this is the lowest arctic ice cover they’ve measured.

NSIDC Director Mark Serreze States that the world’s environment is in danger. The continuous glow of global warming can be measured with the changes in the Arctic. Now that it has ventured to great lows, the world can only be prepared for the worst.

NSIDC scientists state that the arctic’s “ice-free conditions” are approaching faster than their earlier approximation of 2050. The increased heat and moisture from the melting arctic ice caps can cause global climate disasters and severe consequences. Climates may be more extreme in the coming years.

Environmental activists Greenpeace stated that based on the announcement, it should call upon the attention of industries and businesses to make action to slow the melting of ice cover in the arctic. They also state that in just 30 years, humanity altered the surroundings faster than expected.

Source: Oman Tribune

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