Prime Minister in Israel restrains settlement constructions

An official order was released by the prime minister of Israel to restrain the consents on new plans on Jewish community constructions in the West Bank.Benjamin Netanyahu was believed to react to the efforts of the US to start again the peace talks in Middle East, Peace Now stated. The administration of Israel has neither repudiated nor verified the reports. Discussions with the Palestinians were bogged down in the year 2010 after an argument over the constructions of settlement.

At least 500,000 Jews are residing in a more or less 100 settlements that were constructed since Israel’s 1967 position of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Under the international law the settlements were found illegal in spite of the Israel’s argument with the issue. A “non-member observer state” condition was granted to the Palestinians last November, which was intensely opposed by the Israeli’s. Mr. Netanyahu’s publicize the plans on constructing 3,000 houses in the numerous settlement sites. According to Peace Now, since the visit of the United States President Barack Obama last March in Israel, the nation’s government has not approved any plans on settlement constructions.

Meanwhile, constructions in settlement are still happening in several areas, which their plans were approved before the visit of US President Obama. However, the Israelis made clear that they will not freeze those areas who are already occupied. The representative of the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas replied warily. “Direct negotiations will be made regarding the freeze in the settlement constructions within the 1967 borders particularly in Jerusalem”, Nabil Abu Rudeineh quoted.