Regional Leaders Criticized by Jordan’s King Abdullah

The King of Jordan has bombarded the President of Egypt with criticisms during an interview with the Atlantic Magazine. King Abdullah II has described the Egyptian President not to have a depth of understanding the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He added that the President was not able to look into the mess of the Palestinians for he was more focus on the Israelis.

The Jordan King was interviewed by and American Journalist and in a statement he said that the Egyptian President worries too much about the Prime Minister of Turkey because he was authoritarian. The King has also given his views about the uprising in Syria. He was pointing out that the Syrian leader did something wrong because his monarch has created a chaotic situation of wanting their leader out of the post. Most of these statements released by the King have something to do with Jordan being home to a number of three hundred thousand Syrian evacuees who were affected by the ongoing civil war in Syria. The 300,000 evacuees fled to Jordan because of the two-year conflict.

The King also said that he can’t stop the Syrian evacuees fleeing to Jordan. There is no way to turn them back and say that the border of Jordan is closed for the Syrians. King Abdullah also admitted that he offered protection and help to the Syrian President and his family. His offer was ignored and he released the exact statement given by the Syrian President saying thanks but giving the question, “Why not worry about your country more than you worry about us?”