Alarming Situation in Benghazi

Known as Libya’s second largest city, Benghazi is populated with a lot of citizens. The city’s situation is not as stable as the others. It was mad known that people around Benghazi is still in fear for criminals might just come out in the open to do violent attacks to anyone, especially to local government officials in the city. The people are aware that the city is surrounded by a lot of jihadists that are involve in the killing and kidnapping in the place. A known activist in the local area of Benghazi named Bilal Bettamer became famous because of his campaign that would somehow wave the city from what they call the dangerous threat and the so called extremist.

With this campaign the life of the activist was already in danger. He began having threats from the unknown group and was also ordered to leave the country. Civil activists in Benghazi like Bettamer experienced this kind of threats from the jihadist group. The jihadist wanted to revenge according to the activist. Even Bettamer’s relatives receive a message telling the activist to be on watch and be careful. He also said that a number of 100 jihadists are just circulating around the city.

A protest held last Friday and was headed by Bettamer along with his campaign dubbed as Save Benghazi caused him to received numerous threats through text messages that were sent to him. He already has an idea as to what group the threat came from. The young activist also said that he can always feel the said threat everywhere he goes but the only problem is that he will never know who the enemies are.