Japan Scrambles Jets Against To Chinese Plane

On Wednesday, Japan’s air force scrambled as a Chinese 7-8 early warning aircraft flew past the airspace between Miyako Island and Okinawa in the East China Sea. Japan’s Defence Minister said that it was the first time a Chinese military plane flew over the Okinawa islands and symbolic of China’s military advances.

Itsunori Onodera, the Japanese Defence Minister, said that Chinese naval vessels have been spotted to sail through water passages in the same area. According to him, the region is strategic. Experts believe that the Y-8 plane was conducting electronic surveillance for intelligence gathering.

They also said that the Y-8’s overflight might be a provocation against the Japanese government regarding the tensions surrounding the region.

The Chinese defence ministry said that it was free to fly in international air space, which justifies that they have 12 nautical miles from a country’s coastline based on America’s argument of “freedom of navigation.

The United States plays a pivotal role in the Japanese-Chinese conflict regarding the Senkaku islands, which China claims to be its own territory. The US guaranteed the US-Japan Security treaty if war broke out over the rocky islets. Currently, Japanese soldiers are being trained in the US bases for military exercises, heavily leaning on amphibious assault exercises.

Muslim Brotherhood and Other Rival Groups Reject Timetable

Interim President Adly Mansour’s proposed timetable was vehemently rejected by the Muslim Brotherhood and the NSF or National Salvation Front because would set Egypt back to where it started years ago.

On Tuesday, the transitional administration placed Hazem el-Beblawi as its Prime Minister and appointed liberal opposition chief and Nobel Peace laureate Mohammed el-Baradei as vice president for foreign relations.

The Brotherhood dismissed the transition timetable because it would take Egypt back to zero; the country’s state after Hosni Mubarak stepped down.

The timetable was published after the army opened fire on people outside the elite Republican Guard’s headquarters in Cairo on Monday.

The timetable indicated holding parliamentary elections by 2014, five months to amend the current draft constitution on hold because of Egyptian President Morsy’s arrest, its ratification and then parliamentary elections. The process indicates that it would need 210 days to put up constitution and government.

The NSF complained that it was not consulted when the charter was made and in a statement, said that it also rejected the constitutional decree.

Egypt’s military also issued a warning that the interim government is the legitimate government and anybody who would “endanger the people of the country” and who disrupts the transition process would face great consequences

Reinstatement of Egypt’s top Prosecutor

A judicial battle was made known in Egypt due to the removal of a prosecutor which angered the judges in the court. The decision of President Morsi was described to be an attack of authority. The President was accused of getting power. A decree was made to grant him new powers. This decree had taken away the judicial powers. A lot of people in Egypt was angered and made a protest regarding the decree and the President’s hunger for power.

President Morci already had a series of problems when he started last 2012 after the incident that occurred in Egypt that ousted former Egyptian President Mubarak. Problems like the protests on pro-reforms and the issue regarding the judiciary. In addition, there were violence in the early days in January of this year after death sentence was imposed in Egypt. It was reported that the political growth has been so slow in Egypt. A report that was released by the news Agency in Egypt says that the President is now in Qatar to join the Arab League.

An Egyptian court has already cancelled the decision of the President to have a new Prosecutor General in the name of Talat Ibahim. When President Morsi removed Mr. Mahmoud, the judges were angered and they have ordered the reinstatement of the top prosecutor in Egypt. The incident in the judiciary has been going on for quite sometime. It was also reported that when the verdict of the appeal court is overturned, Mr. Ibrahim will be asked to resign and Mr. Mahmoud will go back to work.

Regional Leaders Criticized by Jordan’s King Abdullah

The King of Jordan has bombarded the President of Egypt with criticisms during an interview with the Atlantic Magazine. King Abdullah II has described the Egyptian President not to have a depth of understanding the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He added that the President was not able to look into the mess of the Palestinians for he was more focus on the Israelis.

The Jordan King was interviewed by and American Journalist and in a statement he said that the Egyptian President worries too much about the Prime Minister of Turkey because he was authoritarian. The King has also given his views about the uprising in Syria. He was pointing out that the Syrian leader did something wrong because his monarch has created a chaotic situation of wanting their leader out of the post. Most of these statements released by the King have something to do with Jordan being home to a number of three hundred thousand Syrian evacuees who were affected by the ongoing civil war in Syria. The 300,000 evacuees fled to Jordan because of the two-year conflict.

The King also said that he can’t stop the Syrian evacuees fleeing to Jordan. There is no way to turn them back and say that the border of Jordan is closed for the Syrians. King Abdullah also admitted that he offered protection and help to the Syrian President and his family. His offer was ignored and he released the exact statement given by the Syrian President saying thanks but giving the question, “Why not worry about your country more than you worry about us?”