30 Women Sworn in Shura Council

It is rare to see women taking their roles in the government. More often we see men as politicians rather than women. It was also in the history that women’s role was not as wide. In the 20th century we already see a lot of women successful with their own careers in the company or even in politics. In different countries, there are many known women who have made their names like Secretary Hillary Clinton in the United States and United Nations Ambassador Angelina Jolie. Nowadays, more women are empowered and strong enough to join politics.

In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah has already included women in the Shura Council. The conservative country has always protected their woman. Most of the women in Saudi stays in their homes and attend to the needs of their husbands and children. They are also often seen outside. The appointment of a number of 30 women in the council was come as surprising news and there were a lot criticizing the said appointment. This was one of the historical event in Saudi Arabia because never did it happen that they have included women in the council. All the seats in the Shura council were always occupied by Saudi Arabian men.

Saudi as a monarch and ruled by the King has been controversial after the announcement because the said appointment of the women in the Shura council was dishonoring the Islamic Laws. In the Laws if Islam, men are the only ones allowed of being part of the council. King Abdullah has also answered on behalf of his decision and he has made consultations with the religious scholars.