Russia Will Veto UN Resolution On Syria

France’s proposal to have the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation against the Syrian regime and opposition’s crimes against humanity and possible war crimes Russia will shut down according to the Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin. The four-year conflict, which began after a series of brutal crackdowns against protesters by the Syrin regime, had so far claimed 160,000 lives, most of them civilians.

France called for a vote on Thursday, but Russia revealed that it will veto the 58-country supported proposal. Ambassador Churkin said that the proposal was only a “publicity stunt”, which could affect all parties, including those in Syria, very negatively.

However, French Ambassador Gerard Araud said that Churkin could not argue against the proposal. No political process will be undermined because no political process exists against the proposal.

Other UN Security Council members aside from Russia and China had voiced their concerns regarding the possible abuses Syrians are suffering. France circulated a video from a Syrian defector showing the abuses endured by captives on both sides of the conflict as well.

China had chosen to remain silent on the issue.

Russia had already vetoed multiple UN Security Council proposals. One of them was against military action in Syria. A diplomatic resolution to the crisis was still highly improbable.


Syrian Diplomatic Efforts Have Failed According to UN Chiefs

Five United Nations agencies have said that diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis had already failed and that the UN must focus on providing support for civilians trapped and having trouble in different parts of the country. According to them, “the war escalates in many areas. The humanitarian situation deteriorates day after day.”

UN Under-Secretary General for Emergency Relief Valerie Amos, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, Unicef Executive Director Anthony Lake, World Food Programme Executive Director Ertharin Cousin and World Health Organisation Director General Margaret Chan had signed the statement supporting the fact that humanitarian aid is more crucial now than diplomatic resolution

At least nine million Syrians are needing assistance from being trapped between crossfires from Rebels and government forces. The shifting battles had left many relief agencies limited access to provide humanitarian aid for civilian forces.

The five agencies also said that humanitarian access is often denied by all sides in the conflict. They added that “at least one million people are now in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in Aleppo alone. Other key roads are blocked by different armed forces and groups.” The road links had been cut between the city and Damascus.

There is now a total of 2.7 million refugees escaping the Syrian civil war.


US and Iran Must Support Each Other to Stop Middle East Violence

As Syrian regime troops continue to push on against rebel positions in Aleppo in Syria and Egypts’ political climate is still at its worse, the US and Iran become key figures in helping to avert the crises in the middle east. However, in conflict with each other, political analysts advise that the only way through the middle east conflicts is support from both sides.

Iran recently refused its role the US suggested on the Syrian peace talks or Geneva 2, which is to happen on January 22. Aside from Iran, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the opposition rebels will be in attendance in the Geneva 2 talks. Despite the slated date, exchanges between Syrian regime and rebels continue.

Syria is also in danger of al-Qaeda militant invasion, which is using Iraq as a “safe passageway” towards fierce fighting in Syria.

However, Washington and the Syrian opposition is arguing that Tehran had supported Assad with manpower and arms as the uprising continued in the country. UN Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi had also backed Tehran’s involvement.

Despite the US-Iran sanction and nuclear enrichment reduction, there is minimal improvement on the outlook of the US against Iran regarding the Syrian civil war.

Iran had given no indication to take any of the US’ suggestion regarding its role in Syria.


Friends of Syria, Arabian Foreign Ministers to Discuss the Syrian Crisis

The Friends of Syria group, comprised of Egypt, France, Italy, Jordan, Qatar and other Arab nations will convene in London to discuss how they could resolve the Syrian crisis through a peace conference in Geneva on November. Britain Foreign Secretary William Hague said that the meeting aims to persuade the Syrian opposition to unite with a single decision in discussing peace treaties with the Syrian regime.

The Syrian Opposition had agreed to attend the talks, but still, factions in its core do not agree to meeting a negotiation halfway with the Syrian regime. The Syrian regime and President Bashar al-Assad said that the parties involved in the peace talks were people only representing their countries and not the Syrian people, which shows his perspective that the peace talks may be less fruitful than expected.

President Bashar al-Assad said that he will be running for re-election in 2014. The Syrian National Coalition had said that it will not agree to any negotiations if al-Assad remains in power.

US Secretary of State John Kerry also observed the same notion and said that Assad, who had bombed and launched a chemical attack against his people has no right to stay in power and the Syrian opposition sees that he has no legitimacy to remain in power in the future.

“Syrian Regime Have Used Chemical Weapons” – White House

The White House said that it has ‘high confidence’ that the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons against the Syrian rebellion on a small scale. It has announced that it would provide unspecified “military support” against the opposition, true to its promise that the use of chemical weapons during the Syrian civil war was a “red line” for the United States.

US Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said that the US has no “reliable” evidence that the opposition had used chemical weapons against the Syrian regime as well. Its announcement of declaring military aid to the opposition came as the UN reported that Syrian conflict had reached a death toll of 93,000 people, including women and children.

Senators such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham had called for providing military aid for Syria and said that provision of ammunition and heavy weaponry to the opposition may is long overdue. They also said that aside from such support, the US must also rally an international coalition to degrade the ability of the Syrian regime to sue airpower and ballistic missiles, which give them an advantage against the opposition.

The two-year conflict in Syria had formed different opposition parties in the conflict, such as the Supreme Military Council (SMC) and the Syrian Opposition Coalition. Without a unified front, the opposition effort may also lead a crumbling government amidst the ashes, according to political analysts.

Experts also speculate that the US aid was in response to the growing support provided by Iran and Hezbollah to the Syrian regime. The two countries are the closest allies of the regime and had supplied the regime with arms and men to support their campaigns.


Other countries would suffer warns Syrian President

The Syrian President warns that if Syria would fall, other countries near Syria could also suffer. Released in a news by the Turkish news outlet the word said by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He added that instead of being allied with Syria the countries are starting to be influenced by other foreign countries. In his statement he said that the ongoing fight in Syria will affect the different countries surrounding the region. He described it to be a domino effect that could probably put an impact to a lot of countries.

The President also said that the members of the Arab Stated that did not give its support to Syria were under the influence and guided by the foreign countries. It was reported that the country is in a civil war that started in 2011. The said protesters who came up against the Syrian government triggered the tension and uprising in the country. These protesters then started to demonstrate asking for freedom. After this, the government was said to have made a very devastating respond. Reported in figures by the United Nations, there are more than 70,000 people who died because of the uprising in Syria. Most of the Syrians have also evacuated to their neighboring countries in the region.

Coming from a report of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the civil war was brutal because in the month of March alone there were already a number of six thousand people who died. Last Friday, there were a number of 83 people who died and most of them came from Damascus and also within the suburbs.

Mysterious Blast on the Turkish Customs Gate

There was recent news on suicide bombing in other countries brought about by different rebel groups that have alarmed so many people. On a Syrian border where the Turkish customs gate was located, another loud blast bombarded the area and there were dozens of people injured when the blast occurred. This incident was unexpected and it came from nowhere as described by the Turkish government. It was labeled a msytery for many who were answerable and the mastermind of the said sudden attack. The Turkish government was wondering at the same time startled for the said blast that recently occurred in the country was one of the deadliest that they have encountered.

There was a video captured when the bast happened and on it can be seen the people scattered and moving around so fast. There were cars burned and totally wrecked, people were injured and some of the ambulance was also burned on the site of the incident. There were people passing by the area who helped the injured men. The explosion was not an ordinary explosion for it was heard even two kilometers away from the border.

The chaos happening in Syria has affected the Turkish government and its people. The Syrian rebels also tried to destroy the Syrian border gate to get rid of the Syrian forces. Although the Turkish government has admitted that they were allowing some of the vehicles to enter their border gate going to Syria. They have not yet detailed the main cause of the said dangerous blast. The war has not yet ended in Syria and this on going war has already caused the death of some Turkish people.

Major Humanitarian Operation in Syria

Several people were killed in the Syrian town of Salamiyeh on Monday due to a deadly suicide car bombing. The bombing targeted buildings used by pro-regime militiaman and killed more than 30 people, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based Observatory.

The UK-based Observatory also reported a powerful blast in Damascus, as the Arab League said UN efforts to end the conflict had failed to bring even a “glimmer” of hope. The State News Agency (SANA) reported the blast and said that “a terrorist suicide car bomb was detonated in the heart of Salamiyeh, leaving a number of people killed and others wounded”. They gave an initial toll of 142 people killed nationwide on Monday, including 34 civilians and the 30 killed in the Hama car bombing.

The Syrian town that is located in the central Hama province has been spared form the violence that has started in the country since the uprising began in March 2011. More than 60,000 people have been killed in the conflict that erupted in March 2011 as a popular uprising against the Assad regime, according to the United Nations.

The United Nations said ,it would conduct a major humanitarian operation in the war torn country, with its mission to Syria describing the need for it as “enormous,” having found people in need of medical aid. The UN mission assessing the humanitarian needs in Syria found people, especially children in dire need of food, medical care and clean water, and said that it would conduct a major humanitarian operation.

The Spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Martin Nesirky said a team from seven humanitarian agencies visited the city of Homs and on Monday morning crossed conflict lines into Talbiyeh. “It has to be a big UN humanitarian operation in Syria. That is what the people expect of this mission,” said John Ging, director of operations for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, who headed the team.

Manhunt Continues Against UN Attackers in Syria

The independent probe assigned by the UN Human Rights Council was attacked last week while it as trying to reach the town of Al-Haffe. A mix of gunfire and stones thrown by crowds forced the UN convoy to turn away. UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) announced last Saturday that it is stopping operations due to the violence erupting all over Syria today. UN Rights Chief Navi Pillay called for the manhunt against the UN attackers to be brought to justice.

Pillay also mentions that all perpetrators of the disaster in Syria are to be accountable for all their actions. They are also to be brought before the UN court. The High Commissioner for Human Rights also mention that the bombardments carried out by the Syrian authorities are crimes against humanity. The bombardments have hit civilians to strike fear and disaster.

Un authorities call for the Syrian government to stop the use of heavy armaments and the shelling and shooting of civilian populated areas. These are accountable war crimes. The UN is currently investigating about the aftermath of the shelling that resulted to the death of 49 children; a crime like this is accountable for serious crimes against humanity.

UN Arab League Envoy Kofi Annan stated that the Syrian crisis can only be resolved through peaceful means.

Source: Times of Oman