Sultanate of Oman Donates $1.8 Million to Smithsonian Museum

The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art announced that the Sultanate of Oman had given a $1.8 million donation in support for the programs intended to celebrate the Omani and East African arts and culture. In its official press release, the museum said that it was the “largest single donation to the museum” that it ever had.

The National Museum of African art is dedicated to the collection of Africa’s traditional and contemporary artworks. The museum’s new programs will begin in 2014.

The programs will highlight the cross-cultural connections of East and Northern Africa and the two’s relation to the Middle East. The programs also highlight the evolution of Oman’s arts and cultures, focusing on the beauty of Omani arts and the connections it has with East Africa.

According to the museum’s director, Johnetta Betsch Cole, the donation from Oman marks a significant milestone for the entire museum. The unique gift, along with an extended collaboration with the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Centre in Washington, makes the entire 50th Anniversary of the museum a very special occasion.

She said that they intend to bring the Omani arts, culture and tradition into greater global awareness as it is a very special and unique culture that is not too known in the mainstream.