Oman Air Now Part of The Top Ten Airlines in the World

Business Insider had placed Oman Air as one of the top ten airlines for flying Economy Class at 9th Place. This places the airline company together with the industry giants in aviation. Oman Air excels greatly in passenger experience.

Salim Al Kindy, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Oman Air, welcomed Business Insider’s acknowledgement of Oman Air’s quality. He said “we are proud and delighted that Business Insider has recognised the outstanding quality offered by Oman Air and has listed us as one of the ten best airlines in the world.

Oman Air’s economy class blazed through the criteria of quality of passenger experience, punctuality and the actual performance of its logistics system.

Passenger experience is based upon the covering seat comfort, in-flight entertainment, cabin safety, service efficiency, meal quality and cleanliness.

Oman Air’s economy class provides good spaces between seats, wifi and mobile phone connectivity, and live satellite television with large personal entertainment screens in front of each passenger.

However, the top ten area does not cover whether Oman Air’s airplane technical capabilities surpass other industry giants. The placement of Oman in Business Insider’s top ten tells no indication on how the airline treats passenger baggage and other belongings.


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