Royal Navy of Oman Receives New Warships

The Royal Navy of Oman had met with the BAE Systems Naval Ships for the reception of the Al Khareef Project in the United Kingdom. Oman is to receive the Al Rasikh, a new warship, along with others. The vessel will be the last vessel of the Al Khareef Project and the Sultanate. Top officers from the Royal Navy of Oman and executives from the Sultanates and the Project attended the ceremony, held in Portsmouth City, United Kingdom.

The attendees had toured the innards of the warship and a guide had detailed the modern systems the vessel boasted. The tour guide had also gone in-depth on the ship’s adaptability when it comes to different marine conditions.

The RNO will use the vessel in coast patrols, relief, and search and rescue.

Representatives had signed the documents that would receive the warship and said that the ships will help bolster the maritime capabilities of Oman’s Armed Forces. It will also enable the Royal Navy of Oman to fulfil its obligation to protect the sea and security of the coasts of the country.


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