Sultan Qaboos’ Lack of Heirs May Leave Oman’s Future Uncertain

to political analysts, Sultan Qaboos’ medical troubles had alarmed the entire country. The Sultan is responsible for bringing much of the changes and wealth in Oman through his policies and extremely tolerant laws with sectarians in the country.

Political analysts said that since 1970, Qaboos seized power and Oman during the time was an isolated state with likelihood of Communism spreading about. Over his 44-year reign, he had changed Oman into a country that used its oil wealth to set a high standard of living with vibrant tourism.

Analysts feared that Qaboos’ possible death in the future will leave no children or designated heirs to continue his work. Sultan Qaboos is the only monarch in the world without a successor, which may leave Oman’s future in the balance. They warn of a possible succession crisis should Qaboos die.

They fear a power vacuum could introduce a struggle among other members of the royal family, the military and various sectarian parties, including the economic elite in the country.

Qaboos, already 73 years old, is undergoing medical examinations in Germany since July 10. Concerns that he may be terminally ill are increasing in likelihood. However, Oman’s government said that he is in good condition despite rumours that he might have a severe case of colon cancer.


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