Oman’s Jabal Akhdar Mountain to Become Centre of New Luxury Hotels

The Omani Government plans to make the centuries-famous Jabal Akhdar, or Green Mountain in Omani, a focus of Omani tourism as it allowed several hotel operators to open resorts in the legendary oasis.

One hotel, the 86-room Alila Jabal Akhdar Luxury Hotel, operated by the Alila Group famous in India and in the Asia-Pacific, had opened on May 2014. The design of the property imitated those of traditional Omani houses by using local materials, according to the Alila Jabal Akhdar General Manager Jork Bosselaar.

The hotel operator, along with other luxury hotel operators soon to be in the area, will incorporate elements of local materials and produce. The hotels will get produce from local farmers to have them involved in the greater economy. Bosselaar said the hotel wants to focus on the hospitality by involving local people from the mountain, which will add to the culture and introduce tourists to traditional Omani customs.

Tourists in the region have grown by 12% according to Oman’s Tourism Ministry and they expect the growth to rise by the following year. They estimate the new industry will provide jobs for the 10,000 people in Jabal Akhdar.

Another Hotel, The Sahab, had earned great revenues as room occupancy and demand had increased by 20%. Many other projects are being built by luxury hotel operators, including one hotel with $50 million invested in its construction and implementation.