Oman Unveils New Air Traffic Control Centre in Muscat Airport

Oman’s Muscat Airpot has put into commission its new Air Traffic Control Centre. According to Omani media, the centre makes use of state-of-the-art technology to guide aircraft above Muscat and Salalah in support of progressing expansion and modernisation of the respective airports and cities.

Oman Minister of Transport and Communications Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salem al-Futaisi inaugurated the Transitional Air Traffic Control Centre and said it is a great accomplishment for the civil aviation sector and for the entire country. He said the new addition will support safety in the aviation sector and it would help optimise the use of the Muscat and Salalah airspace.

The ATC has 56-inch monitors with multiple views on a single screen. Spanish contractor Indra had developed the new traffic management system for the country. The contractor is to soon announce the formal operation of the new system in development. According to al-Futaisi, the company will continue to be with the Omani Aviation staff until the entire airports become operational.

He also added that the Omani Civil Aviation staff had also contributed to the designing of the workflow and traffic management systems. The system will be migrated to a new ATC tower in the second phase together with the new runway.