Sultan Qaboos in Nominal Health Following Medical Examination

Oman’s royal court confirmed that Sultan Qaboos, who had undergone a medical check-up in Germany since July, is in good health condition. The media reported the court’s statement, but they did not specify the medical tests and check-up methods used on the Sultan.

“His majesty the Sultan is in good health and is continuing…during the coming period the specified medical programme, which, with God’s grace, is achieving the reassuring and required results” said the official statement from the royal court. It also added Sultan Qaboos’ greetings to Omanis for the coming Eid on Saturday.

Omanis have been worried that Sultan Qaboos is in grave condition and possibly suffering from cancer. However, the Oman royal court has yet to comment on this angle of the story.

Sultan Qaboos is well-loved and criticised by Omanis as he transformed Oman into a modernised country from its small oil-exporting days. He is also well-known for his mediatory work between Arab and Gulf states.