Oman’s Jabal Akhdar Mountain to Become Centre of New Luxury Hotels

The Omani Government plans to make the centuries-famous Jabal Akhdar, or Green Mountain in Omani, a focus of Omani tourism as it allowed several hotel operators to open resorts in the legendary oasis.

One hotel, the 86-room Alila Jabal Akhdar Luxury Hotel, operated by the Alila Group famous in India and in the Asia-Pacific, had opened on May 2014. The design of the property imitated those of traditional Omani houses by using local materials, according to the Alila Jabal Akhdar General Manager Jork Bosselaar.

The hotel operator, along with other luxury hotel operators soon to be in the area, will incorporate elements of local materials and produce. The hotels will get produce from local farmers to have them involved in the greater economy. Bosselaar said the hotel wants to focus on the hospitality by involving local people from the mountain, which will add to the culture and introduce tourists to traditional Omani customs.

Tourists in the region have grown by 12% according to Oman’s Tourism Ministry and they expect the growth to rise by the following year. They estimate the new industry will provide jobs for the 10,000 people in Jabal Akhdar.

Another Hotel, The Sahab, had earned great revenues as room occupancy and demand had increased by 20%. Many other projects are being built by luxury hotel operators, including one hotel with $50 million invested in its construction and implementation.


Reef Worlds Interested in Building Sustainable Underwater Habitats in Oman

According to an Abu Dhabi network, the Los Angeles-based reef developer Reef Worlds, had announced its interest to start building underwater tourism in Oman to further cultivate its underwater habitat sites. In line with Oman’s increasing push for its tourism industry, the rehabilitation of its underwater habitats is a welcome support.

The underwater tourism design company is considering to create a new and revolutionary tourist spot for Oman, which would guarantee a $3 billion tourism market in underwater habitats and tourism.

Reef Worlds designers expressed the intention of building an ancient Lost City replica underwater, which would help Oman become a focus for dive and snorkel tourism. It would also help Oman’s waters become lively and teeming with life.

Reef Worlds had also said that it wants to create more underwater tourism habitats in Dubai, the Philippines and other parts of the Middle East and Asia to boost the health of the underwater environment and help regional tourism provide more for the economies of the countries.

Dave Taylor, the Development Director of Reef Worlds, said their brand’s focus is to create and sustain a new habitat while providing tourists and people the ability to appreciate what the water world has to offer, besides from beaches and natural snorkelling resorts.


Balaji Telefilms To Shoot Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Sequel in Oman

Balaji Telefilms, a renowned Bollywood filmmaking company, will be shooting the sequel to “Once Upon a Time in Mumbai” in the country of Oman. This is the first time a Bollywood movie is to be shot inside the country. The CEO of Balaji Telefilms, Taruj Garg, states that the sceneries and the natural beauty of Oman has compelled him to choose the country among other locations.

Garg states that the retro and contemporary architecture mix delicately and perfectly while the white sand and clean beaches fit the entire script of the sequel perfectly.

Choosing Oman as the location of the new film resulted from the location scouting done by a Balaji team earlier this year. Garg stated that director Milan Luthria and he saw the beauty of Oman that made them consider it the top choice for their shooting location.

The Ministry of Tourism and Oman Air had helped the Balaji Telefilms crew to shoot scenes in the last few weeks in many locations around Muscat. Many locations will be familiar to Omanis as soon as the film is done. While shooting a film inside Oman is the first time for the country, Balaji Telefilms states that the country’s authorities are very responsive and proactive, in which they are very thankful for.

Oman is a location that most filmmakers are not too familiar with. With “Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Again”, Oman would be exposed to the world, helping it gain tourism and help it move from an unconventional choice into a perfect, beautiful shooting spot.

Source:  Times of Oman

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